Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wont get up.

She didn't want to get up that morning. It was frosty outside and her tummy, her back, her legs all groaned. She wanted to stay covered inside her shocking pink blanket for the whole day, or maybe till the sun shone.

"You have got to get up now hun, its morning and there is work to be done,' he said.
"Nope, I will make an excuse. I don't want to get up."
"You cant take any more leaves this season. Cmon, try telling your mind it is important and slowly it will agree to you."
"Mind might, my body wont. It wont get up."

He chuckled a little, thinking how weird this girl was, her logics were inane to say the least. He went to the kitchen, made her favorite Turkish tea and took the tray to her with a few cupcakes. The chocolate ones.

"Ok, have your tea then," he said knowing she couldn't resist tea. and cupcakes.
She sniffed like a dog from under the covers and then woke up with a swiftness not expected from a sleepy human.
"You made the tea? Just to wake me up? That's not fair!"
"Well, everything is fair in love and war."
"Sigh, in the name of love, I have to now go and war at work," she said nibbling on her cake.
"Why do you see your work as such a burden hun, it should make you happy, no?"
"Well, I work because am middle class. If I ever had my way, I would hibernate every winters and join work in the springtime. And yes, go to work at all kinds of hours. Not every frikking morning," she said with much emotions. Clearly, she was waking up.

"I don't think so. You work because you couldn't do without it. If I tell you, forget middle classism, you could stop working from tomorrow, I will take care of you, then would you do it?"

She was confused. He was very honestly saying all this, she could tell. Then why did this feel like a trap of the wits?

"Ummm, I wouldn't leave my job, cos that would make me sulk and get fat at home. And am sure you wouldnt want that. So for you, I wouldn't quit working."
"Hahahahhaha, sure. right."

The battle is won by the one who has the last laugh, she thought as she got out of her bed. This very cold morning, when the body was numb and her mind was wanting to win the next one, she smiled in spite of herself as one thing was sure. The heart was all warmed up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

this and that

some dirty dancing,
and then sweet home alabama.
missing home,
then embracing the sea.
being everywhere,
and wanting to be nowhere.
wondering about life,
while life is hugging tight.
drinking and eating and loving like never,
pondering over words and memories,
if they will come back ever.
this is what we wait for, this is what we do,
this is what we forget,
but then again,
this is what we remember.

Friday, December 3, 2010


the lamp posts kept rushing past her, one after the other..one yellow light like an egg yolk after another. the roads flashed past her. she used to ask her father why the lamp posts on both sides looked parallel to each other but when they neared it, the lamp posts closed in. he had never given an answer, no. she felt too old to ask now.

the city had the same smell since childhood, the wispy air plus the cigarette stench, she took in a lot of the air together, this was her familiar oxygen.

she wanted to hold on to it, like forever. it was becoming a choked feeling, missing so much.