Thursday, September 20, 2012

not everyone can be a v-buddy

Yes, it has been a long time and maybe the blogging spirit is anything but there. But I have been busy and not of my own accord. Its a kind of forced busy you know. When you have to wake up, have to eat, have to go work, have to be friendly. shit.
I did not realise but I have started to enjoy going all quiet. The recluse in me has finally made an appearance. I thought I would always remain one of those annoyingly happy and lucky people with no brooding to me. Well, ofcourse I brood, but now my stocks have gone public. I was told at work, 'you are a really keep-to-yourself person, arent you?'i heard myself laughing and then some more.

No really, I dont know if its age or if the city people dont amuse me enough, but I am this close to being good by myself. i like a few people and umm, they dont even live here around me. and ofcourse, there's him, the filter to my rants. he listens, puts an arm around me, nods in agreement and I am comfortable, yet again. i do feel i should be there for him too, but later on that.

that brings me to the point i have been wondering about. i dont make a good vacation buddy to most people. let me word that correctly. not everyone i have been on vacation with is a good vacation buddy. there are comfort zones and pissd zones and i could write ten posts on the times i was in the latter zone.

the recent trip to udaipur was a wake up call of sorts. not only do i hate 3 opinions on one small thing, i also hate couples. especially, the pda doing, oblivious to others, hating to sight-see couples. why would a person go to a resort in a different city and drink and make merry in the swimming pool and only that? what happened to good old sight seeing? palaces, lakes, why you no likey?

and whats with the i-wrap-my-arms-around-my-love whenever, wherever? i also love this person, and vice versa (i hope) but there's stuff to see, its a group thingy, and it gives me a happy, excited buzz around the ears. why doesnt that apply to these lovesick puppies?

and i understand resorts are rich, luxurious things and one must dive into its plushness but umm, get a room in your own city if that is all you like. period.
I am cribbing and that is because i had to deal with all of that in the typical fake mrinu smiling manner. even say stuff like 'arre nahi nahi, its cool with me' when it bloody well wasnt so. the trouble is, even my fake jig is taken to be the real thing.

that reminds me of yet another amazing trip. that was sort of spoiled by a person who couldnt control her moods. from happy friendship day, it was down to blazing ignorance in 2 minutes. and all you know was that you were talking away to glory, not knowing what hurt the moody grinch when.

another friend decided to sleep the whole day because last evening's trek was tiring. i mean hello, we are here for 2 days, and you decide to sleep for 1? i dont mind weird assery, i just mind wasting my time trying to do my thing past it.

i have had great vacations too, and the people who made it worthwhile can hear me right now. and once again, i am glad you guys are there, cos these people above suck. they are friends, but not vacation buddies. harsh truth, swallow the pill i say.

ok, on to drudgery then.