Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Hangover!

Watched a crazy fuck movie, The Hangover. The movie has made me feel hilarious from the bottom of my being. Of course I am a drunk of the lowest order, I don’t remember most of my drinking sessions, the worst one being the day we celebrated Taniya’s birthday party. In the morning, there were cigarette marks on my arm and an earring missing and well I couldn’t remember how either had happened...

However, this movie has overtaken me, and then gone ahead at least to the next century by my standards. The four guys get so drunk and stoned, they don’t remember anything about their bachelor’s party the night before. In the morning, there is a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the wardrobe, a hospital band on one of them, a broken tooth for the other, while the guy who is supposed to get married is simply gone, disappeared! They follow crazy clues, from the hospital to the Vegas wedding parlor where one apparently got married to a hooker, and from there to meet Mike Tyson whose tiger they had stolen later into their awesome night. They even have a naked chinky in their car trunk who turned out to be something of a mafia and demanded some bad ass money from them in lieu of their friend. They win blackjack in the casino and get the money but don’t get the right guy back from the thugs. Finally to realize where they had dropped him off!

It’s a completely funny movie, and I am ready to overlook the ample gross male naked behinds shown in the movie for the simply hilarious script! In the end, the wedding has a singer who sings, Welcome to the candy shop in the most seductively cheesy way ever!! Lol!

Classic daaru movie according to me, and God promise, if I am made of blue blood and vodka, I swear I will have one such effing party of my own before my wedding bells bellow!

A line by Allen: I am a loner who has a wolf pack within!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I am at odds with my folks currently. Of course I am angelic to them most of the time, but there are times, when things snap. I try very hard not to react when they are cynical and critical about me, I even practice deep breathing. Having a temper that rises quite suddenly is not a virtue, and with parents, definitely not. Though I can get past arguing with people of my age, but call me orthodox, I still do not promote arguing with folks yet. And this is where I eat my words.

I have had to, on more than one occasion, raise my voice. And very toxic when it comes to pointing out the truth, it has hurt them manifold. They have shed tears and told me they hadn’t expected this etc etc. Things do become bitter when a family argues. It may start small, but inevitably, it takes up more people in its wake and it ends ugly. And that is the part I oh so hate about life.

When you are this close to people, and they just decide to rip you apart on a fine day, its just not fair. Its how that fairytale went, the evil king’s weakness was in the parrot so the hero went and killed the parrot. I know bad metaphor, I am not an evil king or anything, am just a very humane being with some weaknesses of my own. There should be a law that bars your family from picking out your choicest vulnerabilities in a fight. It is so.not.done!

Coming back to the reality of my life, am coming to work with self prepared food (bread and butter in short) and am also walking till my faraway bus stop instead of my father dropping me. Oh for the uninitiated, it is called EGO in my family. For the record, neither is he making an effort. Today he tried putting in an omlette in my tiffin box, but I simply went and took it out. I am not ready yet.

These are trying times, and I am very tired, mentally and physically. I don’t really need to give a reason or a measure as to how very much tired I am, but yeah, till things look up, I shall remain my grumpy self. Suits this effing weather, anyway..