Monday, May 16, 2011

Green means 'go' for the 'red'

so Didi won, and its a great feeling. to all those who really didnt want her at the helm, too bad. The lady has enough degrees to prove her worth, and her cotton sarees and loud voice cant be a justification of hating her. not when the so called bhodrolok is doing zilch for the state. and only a few of them are educated, rest are, umm, biman bose. irestmycase.

what stuns me is the support i see for the CPM party in the somewhat younger generation. people who have left the city, are doing well here, and are supporting the party back there anyway. the only logic being they cant support the uncouth Didi. i dont understand their mind or how it works or how they can be soo cynical, esp when they have nothing to show for their liking the old horses. but, i forgive them thinking they are the same people who live in delhi and badmouth it anyway. taam.

for me, what is real is that how 35 years back, a man came out of the city he was born in, the city he played football in, the city he called home. the same city where he decided to become a revolutionary, and the city that shunned him for it. of how he had to leave the city because the ruling party that taught story book communism, did actually not practise it. and what he believed in became what he was punished for.

it is the only real thing i know. the struggle, the nostalgia, the wanting to be back home but not being able to, to watch the city of joy become a tattered dream of yesterday, to live a frustrated life, to see your principles and political ethics cheat you in your very face, and to leave. all this for that one devil.

its good to win, it was time. anti people can wait and watch to throw the brickbrats. but, its a new dawn and one must hope.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

where's that grip?

fact is, one shouldn't care. it shouldn't hurt this much. the mind should not stop at odd hours like that. getting all numb in the middle of a busy street is very inconvenient.

one must put the mask on at all times. you let go just that once, and your show is over.

pretty up girl. dazzle that stupid crowd.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

diving head first

have never failed in class. have got very near to that in chemistry in class 11th though. have never been a back bencher, education wise. friends wise, have only had back benchers during a typically laid back phase..realised they are better friends than the studious ones..

anyway, am drifting. the point is, today i feel like i have failed in class, like i am the lowest scorer in a freaking class of 100..

not a good feeling. a feeling i want to shrug off..
deep breathe.