Thursday, July 11, 2013

a book-warm affair

there are tons of things that i wish to write but havent had the time to. ok, change 'time' to 'zeal'. i am becoming a lazy 28 year old, both the terms i confess i dont fancy much. thought would write about my birthday, thought i would write about the fondest feelings i have for Dada on his birthday, thought of writing my travelogues on greece and italy. so much but zilch i have done.

partly because i like procrastinating more than anything else in the world and partly because i have been obsessing over a HBO show: Game of Thrones. i know it started way back in 2011 but hey, better late than never and all that? so, i saw this major backlash on twitter a month or so back about some murder on the show. a 'massacre' was how it was trending. curious, i searched a bit on the internet, found more interesting stuff and finally asked him to download the show for me.

as usual, late into the night, we sat over hot cups of milk and cookies with an open laptop. i double clicked the first episode of the first season and the opening scene was about 'whitewalkers' (GoT term for intelligent zombies). thrilled and stunned at once, we knew we were going to watch this show and at a feverish pace at that (Homeland being our reference here). that night, we were three episodes down and only because he had downloaded only three!

from season 1 to season 2 in three days and finishing the third season on a single starry Saturday night, i was tired to my bones but more awake than ever. GoT as a fantasy epic is the best i have ever seen, the characters take you by surprise in every episode and you can call no one completely good or bad. people are grey almost all the time and just when you think you have got someone figured, they turn the tables on you and the story kind of flips on its face. also, people die, like all the freaking time.

there are badass moments and the penultimate episodes of every season are just mind blowing. i am sorry to use these many adjectives but i dont really want to give away the storyline incase some of you do get excited enough to watch it.

after finishing the show, i started re-watching it, started youtubing the emmy panel and other tid bits i could find and now, am the proud owner of the books! thank heavens the birthday comes in June and i have great friends! wink wink ;)

reading the story with all its maddening details is something! i read it early in the morning after my experiments with the rotis and sabjis of the world are over, i read it in the rainy afternoons of the west, i read it at work when there are no copies to edit, i read it during the time i should be writing articles for the newspaper, i also read it at night, post milk and my favourite cookies.

this is love all over again. blessed is the soul that knows how to drown in a book. or six books by a mental author in this case.