Monday, August 30, 2010

i get it. i always did.

there were two things that she held dear, the way she loved her long black hair, and the way she felt nothing when she cut them off.
-500 days of Summer

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rain rain, come again, everyday.

Have been having the quietest and nicest week ever. It’s been raining constantly and the new job is hectic, by the time I get up for tea, it’s almost 5, so cant complain about long work hours, especially when the hours are passing me by without me knowing it.

Come back home very late and go nowhere. Yes, the absolutely outdoorsy me (when Ma leaves for Kolkata, that is) has decided to camp in. I take a bath, wear my daddy’s big warm clothes, eat my hot dinner with Gucci gulping down the stuff I throw at him and finally watch endless TV.

Watched Alex and Emma, 10 Things I hate about you and A Good woman in the last three days. The first movie is so rom-com (I cant get enough of those) while the second one is very teenage-y, guess I am moving out of that genre for good now. The last movie is very British, very suave, I love the humor and the one liners, can so relate.

Also, have discovered The Simpsons. All my life, I wondered what the big deal about this cartoon was, and have finally understood. It is mad humor, so vague and so cool. Guess, TV is the best invention after all. I have found once again, that while I am a social animal, I can also hibernate quite comfortably, thank you.

There is a thing or two I have learnt about friendships. While friends are good to have and would trade them for absolutely nothing in the world, they also bruise you sometimes. From the unlikeliest quarters, you get to feel hurt you never thought existed, and there is no way out of this dilemma, because you weren’t really expecting it. You weren’t prepared. Mindless days and hours later, you still wonder…

Rains are a good thing, they make me want to write, they make me want to do some poetry, and they even make me hopeful about relationships and ‘forever after’.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting to me!

It's been a while since I have been feeling this way. Of course, it relates to things real and fictional. There is never a sure way to know. There are times when the feeling overpowers me, it tells me this way is better, but then, there is always the pull. The stronger, sharper and the more amazing pull. The other one, the temporary fixation, looks more real, but so does everything that comes with a temptation. But what is the temptation here?

Just a familiarity that comes from the language? Is that enough? All things glitter from a distance, and one should be a fool to think that would last forever. There are too many insecurities in this one human life, too many options, the platter is always too full (am I the only one complaining?) mostly you have no peace. Nowhere, ever. And maybe that is the part that makes you feel alive, wanted and there in the middle of everything. You want to be there, to feel the air on your face, to be the life of the party, accept it, you do.
But its all fleeting.

Two similar moments and this is what you know. The purity of emotions in one case is so strong and yet so subtle. Decades it was there, and yet you never felt its force.
In the second case, its recent, its new, its equally helpless and yet, its mocking in a manner that confuses you and questions your reality. Is it right or am I going all wrong?

Long life, will know soon.