Friday, July 9, 2010

the truth is..

You are very hot.
Hey thanks.
No seriously, I have got to see you more often.
Umm, you are here for work, once its over, you have to leave, how can you keep seeing me more?
I dont know, tell me how. I think I am attracted to you as hell.
Ok leave now. You are complicating things, you said your girlfriend will be dropping by to join you. so, go.
I will come back. I will have to. Promise me you will meet.

bell rings*

Hi, oh you have a lovely collection here. No wonder he chose you to do his project.
Thanks a ton, he is a good client.
Yes, yes, everyone says that. Its good to work with him, I have been told. So honey, lets move now?
Umm, yeah lets.
He turns back one last time, rushes to her and tells her slowly, 'I will come back. you have to see me.'
Your girl is here. Go away. Am not a thief.
But I need to kiss you, I will come back.

They leave.

You think she will do a good job? You need awesome pr this time.
She is brilliant. Will do well am sure.
So you want to go back sometime and check on her progress?
What? Why? She knows her work.
I dont know, maybe you should go back..see how its comin up, know for sure you want her..
Excuse me?
I mean, know for sure if you want her in this project. You must know.

People know. They always do. You think you are smart, but one can always tell. It catches you unawares, and you do take the bait. But little do you realise, somebody always knows. And eventually, there is hurt all around you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


So Argentina lost. And the trouble is, it lost to Germany. My two favorite teams. There is no telling how good or bad I feel. The day Germany was thrashing England, I was rejoicing, dancing along with other german fans at Flames. Little did I know that they would face Argentina in the quarter finals. Once again after 2006, they faced each other and once again, Germany won. Literally thrashed, butchered, routed Argentina. I am sad, infact my heart goes out to Maradona, Messi. But strangely, in an hour’s time, I feel happy. For Germany. If the gemini state of mind was something I always believed in, today, I would vouch for it. I love the clinical, almost shrewd manner of the germans. Blame me if you want.

Life is at a crossroads. I put in my papers yesterday. My hands shook while clicking on ‘sent’. At the back of my mind, something told me ‘there is no looking back from here’. The place I will go to, will be new and ruthless in its own usual way. Nobody is kind to a newbie. I will have to make a mark, be awesome in my job. Have to be ‘a somebody’, all in a few months. Need holidays in a few months, and then some more. But I have to join this place, I have to be good at my job and I have to ask for leaves. Most importantly, I have to be fit enough for all of this. Shifts, no Saturdays and Sundays sound as scary to me as living alone in a city. And yet, in the last few months, desperation drove me to accept all these things. With a little money and a profile that sounds good in my head, I have accepted a new spice in my life. Have to taste dishes made of this spice and have to say its good, because its something I chose. Just hope it is not as real as I am thinking it will be. I hope it is fun and beautiful in its reality.

In this year, too much is happening, much more will happen. Don’t know how much I am ready for. Fact is, I am hardly ready. Friends wise, I am stagnant. Workwise, I am moving ahead. Personally, I am more or less at the same place. Financially, I am moving ahead but so are the expectations of me.
Had always hoped to be a free bird, don’t know how much of a restriction my new life will put on me. I should work things out, see the better in everything, and be a free bird anyway.

Just like when Argentina loses, I should always be able to feel happy for Germany.