Thursday, September 24, 2009

Waiting for Durga pujo, Nirvana or something similar!

I have been back since two weeks now, and yet havent moved an inch in the blogosphere! Shady stuff! Well the thing is, I am working all day at work and at home, I just become blah. I have so much to say and write but in the end, I do neither. These amazing, life changing thoughts get choked midway somewhere. Sigh.

Durga Pujo is here and with every passing year, I am realising I am becoming one of those people out there. I even work on a shoshti and feel guilty taking an off on a shoptomi, and all this, being a true blue Bengali!!! What would be my blue blooded ancestors say?!I absolutely hate my corporate life, want to say nothing of the frustration levels that have risen to their max potential in the last few months, and am four vacations down, and yet, nirvana eludes me..

I dont think the plans I have for my future will help me achieve it either, they are very, what you call, normal. Get a better job, not fight much with my guy, look out for my folks, not fight much with my guy, look for a creative release beyond what I do, and then, I guess, settle down in some years. Nirvana, this?

Anyway, I wanted to drop in a word to say I will be trying to enjoy Durga Pujo for the next four days, and will definitely be writing frequently after that. Yes.

Till then, the little kid who never grew up inside my head says adios and plans to have a rocking pujo!

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Earth

Am in Oman since the last ten days. While Muscat has been the first overseas discovery for me (more about that later) what has made me very very aware of the fact that we all are, at the end of the day,very fragile beings is the book I have been reading, Unaccustomed Earth. The people who live abroad, their lives, their marriages, their journeys are just so, inexplicably, vulnerable. They have it all, they are happy too, but yet, the emotions captured by the author are just, so real, mundane and painful. Sigh.
Being far away away from the comfy confines of my own bed, my internet and my pet, things do seem bleaker, and being on a holiday, am not supposed to let such sentiments wash over me. Yet I do, roaming around today like a person who has been sad for years, my family not understanding why fiction does this to me so very often...

Getting back to reality, enjoying my first full blown vacation in years, almost feel like a schoolkid out during summer vacations. Didi trying her very best to feed me with as many exotic dishes as she can buy and cook, but I dont gain weight, lol!

The best part are the beaches, Al Shatti Beach, Qantab beach, gorgeous white sand and clean clean water which apparently no Indian has yet mannaged to pollute, given the strict rules this Sultanate works within. Could learn a thing or two..
Did I say the New Friends colony shawarmas look downright stupid now? The average Mallu owned coffee shop shawarma here is just so much better, deliciously sinful, and well, not upsetting the tummy even when had more than the usual..Bliss!

So, well, as is clear, am going from high to low to sad to elated as easily even on a vacation! Ah moodiness, my beloved friend...

More when I come back!