Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blast from the past!

Shabby's mother suddenly fell sick. Had a cerebral attack and got admitted to a big hospital. Now, I am very clear about how I feel for Shabby. I have decided to give him 10 percent of all the friendship I am capable of, because that is about as much as he deserves. If his parents weren’t that good, probably it would have been a 5 percent, if even that. His mother, I really like. And that is the reason I didn't give it a second thought when I heard of her poor state. I rushed in my office bus and reached the hospital, only to find my friends at the entrance itself, including my "kind of best friend of once upon a time".

All our life, we had a chemistry we couldn't describe, and then a time came when we both became available and finally took a lunge at having what we call a relationship, only to fall flat on our faces. While the chemistry was still what art movies are made of, the reality part hit us hard. He wasn't ready to trust girls yet (given he was still hurting from the bitch who had hurt him 7 years back) and I wasn’t ready to give into demands just yet (of not talking to people who were my ex or otherwise) So it ended up sad, nasty and abusive (on his part) he found more reason to not trust girls when I finally decided it was enough for both of us. It was becoming a real art film, where the audience didn’t know why the couple had issues. Just that, here, I myself didn’t know what was the issue.

Coming back to yesterday, we both crossed each other's path like total strangers. He was leaving, and I was heading towards the hospital. Our common friends waited for something to happen, good bad I don’t know. They just expect things from us, I don't know why. But nothing really happened. I joined the rest of the gang, while he left in his car. I wondered how many gaalis he gave me on the way, now that my memories had become fresh in his mind again.

Aunty had a great operation, and I thanked the Gods up there. She really is full of life, such people don't look good on hospital beds. The evening in the hospital did seem to make me go back in the past. I missed his friendship, of all it was worth. Wish love hadn’t scarred it. Love is anyways such a bitch. The intellectual crap we could go on and on about, was like coffee. Gave me a kick, the evenings were fun..Am sure my emotions were echoed by him too. Just that now, things were so cold, strange, almost adult.

All our lives, we wait till we are given the chance to make our own decisions, act old. Now that we have our chance, look what we do with them! Life keeps teaching us stuff, I wonder when we pass…

Welcome aboard!

This is much like a diary, only because its way easier to maintain than the diaries I once wrote on..Will update my life, on a daily basis..Wanted to call this blog CR Park times or something like that, but the name would be a little tabloid-ish…Plus it wouldn’t do justice to the emotions I have towards this locality, where I have spent 15 long years..The people here deserve a special mention for making me what I am (or possibly what I never wanted to be) Some incidents, some people even deserve a standing ovation..You will soon know why!

Trust me, this gets interesting!